Retired New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik is a dynamic, riveting and captivating speaker who uses his real-life experience to inspire, motivate and challenge global leaders in business and government organizations of all sizes. 

Leadership Under Fire on September 11, 2001, and the Realities of Living in a Post 9/11 World

From Mr. Kerik’s experiences as a highly decorated and battle tested NYPD uniform and plainclothes policeman and detective assigned to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, fighting the Cali Cartel, to his leadership as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction, one of the largest jail systems in the US, and as New York City’s 40th Police Commissioner, he has managed crises that were a part of the day-to-day law enforcement efforts of New York City. 

He is also been a leader who faced one of the worst terror attacks and tragedies in world history. On September 11, 2001 everything he had ever learned or experienced was tested – and Kerik rose to the challenge.

He was at the scene within moments after the first plane hit tower one and worked with Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani to coordinate the response, rescue, recovery and investigative efforts at ground zero – ensuring the city’s safety, and reassuring Americans. He shares with audiences the lessons he has learned and his philosophies on leadership and management, especially times of crisis.

​After working and living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than four years, and as a security advisor to King Abdullah II of Jordan for nearly five years, coupled with the months he spent in Iraq as interim Minister of the Interior and senior policy advisor to the U.S. Presidential Envoy of Iraq, Mr. Kerik discusses with eye-opening candor, international terrorism and the threats facing the United States, in a post 9/11 world.

His inspirational and insightful presentation contains many lessons that can be applied to business, government and all aspects of life, such as the leadership challenge, organizational re-structuring, managing stress and adaptability. 

The Renaissance of New York City - Crime Reduction, Turning Around the Nation's Largest Jail System and Criminal Justice Reform

Along with New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Bernard Kerik played a major role in the turn-around and resurgence of vitality in the Big Apple. Through his efforts, the Department of Correction and Police Department were re-organized and modified.

During his tenure as police commissioner, crime fell more than 12%, officer morale improved and police/community relations reached an all time high.

New York City – once infamous around the world for its dangerous streets – had been recognized by the F.B.I. as the safest large city in America, and the city’s law enforcement strategies have become models for other cities around the world. Kerik details strategies and accomplishments in the revitalization of New York City. 
In 1994, a New York Magazine front page cover story read: Is Rikers About to Explode?

One of the largest and violent penal colonies in the world with a daily inmate population of more than 22,000, New York City’s jail system averaged 100 stabbings and slashings a month.

During Mr. Kerik’s six year tenure managing the agency, inmate on inmate violence was reduced by more than 93%, overtime spending more by than 45%, and inmate assaults on staff by more than 38%. Through his Total Efficiency Accountability Management System (TEAMS), the New York City Jail System was transformed from one of the most violent and mismanaged in America, to an international role model of efficiency, accountability and safety and security.

Hear how today’s criminal justice and prison systems, can use his management and accountability principals, and unparalleled success and achievements, to better their own agencies.   

Overcoming Adversity


In the line of duty, Bernard Kerik has rescued people from burning buildings, been stabbed, shot at, and saved his partner who had been wounded in a gun battle.

He survived a bombing plot in Iraq and the terror attack on 9/11. He has been the target of numerous death threats, seized tons of cocaine and millions in drugs proceeds from the Cali Cartel, and brought cop killers, Colombian drug lords and Iraqi terrorists to justice.

His service to his country has been recognized in more than 100 awards for public and heroic service, including the New York City Police Department’s Medal for Valor, and 29 other medals for excellent and meritorious service.

He has been commended for heroism, by President Ronald Reagan, received the DEA Administrator’s Award from the U.S. Justice Department, two Distinguished Service Awards from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and an appointment as Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; yet his most difficult and personally challenging battle came at the hands of the very government that he loyally and valiantly served for more than three decades. 
Learn the riveting personal story of this high school drop out who was abandoned by his mother at the age of three, and herself later murdered – beaten to death; yet he went on to run two of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country and be nominated for one of the hight presidential cabinet posts in America.

Hear his stories of survival, regret, betrayal, justice and injustice, and how he was targeted and imprisoned by the same government that he had loyally and valiantly served for more than thirty years. 

This bonafide American hero, will teach you how to transform your own self-disappointment, frustration, pain, and anger, into a fuel that gets you to your next destination.



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